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Lunch Service 

Your child can either bring his or her lunch every day or you can purchase a hot, catered lunch on the days you choose. Instructions for ordering the lunches are below.

Bayshore Christian School partners with Barksdale Catering, LLC, to provide students nutritious lunch options on campus. Lunches are delivered to the school daily, with two different sizes available:  small ($5.00) and large ($7.25). Bottled water and sports drinks are available for $1.00. 

Parents Web Ordering Instructions:

1. Log into your Family Portal account.
2. On home page, left hand side, click the drop down menu for Student.
3. Click Lunch (the lunch calendar displays),
4. Click Create Web Order, located on the top left of the page.
5. The lunch order form displays.
6. The menu is displayed by day, changing students in the Parents Web account is not necessary for ordering purposes.  Continue to scroll down page to view all students and menu items.
7. Type the number of items to order for the student in the Quantity column. The Total column displays the cost.
8. Repeat for all dates and all students. The Grand Total is listed at the bottom.
9. Click Submit Order.
10. On the "Confirm Lunch Order" page, click Confirm and Pay.
11. Choose your payment method, and click Pay Now at the bottom of the page.

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