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Fall Fun Run 2020: Bubble Run & Color Run Edition


November 20th, 2020


On Wednesday, November 11th, we kicked off our Fun Run. We are thrilled about this year’s event. Our Fun Run is a student driven fundraiser. This year, our students have 10 days to raise funds towards Teacher Development. This includes the funding of 12 Apple TVs, 4 additional Apple TV purchases to enhance instruction in the classroom, various training and certifications for our teachers and much more.  With the outpouring of blessings we have received this year, we felt led to give 10% of our total Fun Run donations to a local non-profit. We can't wait to share those details!

Our K2 through 5th grade students will participate in a Bubble Run. Our 6th grade through 12th grade students will participate in a Color Run. Most students will be running a designated path for approximately 1 hour. Teachers and staff will be at designated stations, along with volunteers. Currently, we have volunteer slots open for Prize Sorting and Distributing. We will update the volunteer slots for the day of the run by Friday, November 13th. Sign up here under November Activities! 

We have created an easy Fun Run Form you and your child can share to secure donations. We have donation levels that make it easy for all donors. Feel free to share the form via Facebook or email to help reach their goal and earn fun prizes like Dunk Tank tickets, extra Color Powder, a Mystery Bag and more! Prize distribution will begin Monday, the week of the Fun Run. All Prize Level details can be found below. 

This event is held during school hours. Your child will be provided a Fun Run shirt that can double as a spirit shirt for future spirit days. They will be given this shirt the day of the run by their homeroom teacher and will be permitted to wear school appropriate athletic bottoms and tennis shoes to school. 


Prize levels

FUN RUN: Bubble Run Edition (K2 through 5th Grade)

Prize Level 1 - Kinder Egg 
Prize Level 2 - Bubble Wand
Prize Level 3 - Beach Playset or Invisible Ink Pen
Prize Level 4 - Large Stress toy
Prize Level 5 - Mystery Bag (Dunk Tank tickets, Snow Cone tickets, Mystery Money, candy, & FREE dress pass!)
Prize Level 6 - Extra Mystery Bag goodies& FREE Lunch brought to school (McDonald's or Chick-Fil-A)


FUN RUN: Color Run Edition (6th Grade through 12th Grade)

Prize Level 1 - Snack Bar Card
Prize Level 2 - Tardy Pass
Prize Level 3 - Candy Grab and 2 Dunk Tank Tickets
Prize Level 4 - Color Run Powder & Extra Credit Pass 
Prize Level 5 - Mystery Bag (5 dunk tank tickets, 2 snow cone tickets, money, candy, & FREE dress pass!)
Prize Level 6 - Extra Mystery Bag goodies& FREE Lunch brought to school (McDonald's or Chick-Fil-A)

FULL Class participation earns an additional prize, Class Pizza Party!


Coach Broderick Day & Mr. Fernando Valdivia 

Thank you to our Fun run 2020 sponsors
Click on their names to learn more about their services!

CBS 10 Tampa Bay

Xpress Urself Media

The Candle Pour

Hackworth Law, PA

Smileys Dumpsters

Radiant Students

Radiant Kids

Radiant Church

Freshwater Marketing

The Verano Company

The CJ Hernandez Family

The Brandt Family

The Keovongsa Family

Donation form and shareable link

Fun Run Donation Form

We look forward to yet another FUN and successful event!

Questions? Email us!