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Campus Needs

Campus Needs

Bayshore Christian School works with our Board of Directors, families and donors to ensure our campus has the resources it needs to ensure not only a quality education for our students but a campus that reflects our excellence. There is always room for improvement and we have created a working list with our campus needs and desires. 

*This is a working list that will be updated as items progress or are purchased/completed. If you have a desire to impact one of these areas, please contact our Head of School, Melanie Humenansky

Upcoming/In Progress:

Preschool/Kindergarten Playground - IN PROCESS 6/22
Renovate Science Lab (updated in 2012)
Upgrade Computer Lab (Every 5 years)
Storage cabinets for UD classroom
Upgrade Concession Stand


Re-painting doors of all classrooms - COMPLETED 8/21
Retile the Concession Stand - COMPLETED 12/21
Upstairs bathroom renovation - COMPLETED 3/22
Landscaping in front of the school office - COMPLETED 5/22
BenQ Smart Boards for Lower and Upper Division Classrooms - COMPLETED 08/22
New Marquee - COMPLETED 9/22