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THE Annual Fund

THE Annual Fund

Thank you! We increased our BCS family support by 30% from last year! You made a difference! Your support strengthens our culture of giving and greatly impacts our students and campus. We received donations from alumni and their families, current BCS families and grandparents, faculty and staff, as well as our board of directors and other faithful supporters.

You made an impact, and for that we feel blessed!

We know that choosing where you invest your philanthropic giving is a very important decision. We thank you for choosing to be a stakeholder at Bayshore Christian School.

We raised over $45,400 for Bayshore Christian School!

Scholar's Club

Mr. and Mrs. Sherbert
The Anderson Family

Head Master's Club

The Camacho Family
The Guemmer Group
The Humenansky Family
The Lathrop Family

Leader's Club

The Bergen Family
The Burgess Family
The Daigle Family
The Donlon Family
Albert and Donna Guemmer
The Guzman Family
The Hall Family
The Jones Family
The Leepack Family
The Lynch Family
The Olguin Family
The Ortiz-Saldana Family
The Profitt Family
The Radcliff Family
The Rubio Family
The Sanders Family
The Spencer Family
The Sullivan Family
Ms. Joyce Tomlin
The Weiler Family
The Wooten Family

We Are Bayshore

The Arguinzoni Family
The Bernier Family
The Cottom Family
Ms. Shekina Denny
The Goldberg Family
The Lipke Family
The Jordan Family
The Owens Family
The Ralston Family
The Saejieng Family
Mr. Graham Winseman
The Zipay Family


Donor's Circle

The Akers Family
The Anderson Family
The Arnold Family
The Bailey Family
The Bernier Family
The Boe Family
Mr. Peter Bowinski
The Brockman Family
The Buckingham Family
The Burgess Family
The Burrini Family
The Cenal Family
The Chapman Family
The Colman Family
The Conley Family
The Cooper Family
The Dang Family
The Daugherty Family
The Day Family
The DeGuenther Family
The Dejose Family
The Donley Family
The Dye Family
The Eslberry Family
Georgina Erickson
The Espinal Family
The Fletcher Family
The Follstad Family
Ms. Mary Fritz
The Gallina Family
The Garrison Family
The Hediger Family
Mr. Bruce Kelley
The Kemp Family
The Kolbe Family
The Lash Family
The Lewis Family
The Lockhart Family
The Lopez Family
The Manno Family
The Melton Family
The Milne Family
Mr. Mike Mitchum
The Moore Family
The Morejon Family
The Murphy Family
The Nypaver Family
Mr. Tal Owen
The Rainey Family
The Reynolds Family
The Robenstein Family
The Robinson
The Rose Family
The Sellars Family
Ms. Sarah Smart
The Seaton Family
The Stenholm Family
The Stephens Family
The Stewart Family
The Stoops Family
The Tomlin Family
The Trofi Family
The Valdes Family
The Valdivia Family
The Vath Family
The Vericker Family
The Walker Family
The Waller Family
The Zimmer Family

Frequently Asked Questions

We use annual fund donations to enhance the operational budget of the school and to control tuition costs.

As we strive to keep tuition affordable for all families, tuition does not cover the full cost of educating a student. There is a financial gap per student each year. We count on donor support to fill the gap and aid in keeping tuition affordable for all those who wish to enroll their child/ren at Bayshore Christian School.

Bayshore Christian School is committed to challenging, developing, and empowering students for future leadership with a Biblical worldview within a diverse and nurturing environment, so that each student will follow the example of Jesus to "grow in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and man." Luke 2:52

A significant increase in tuition would greatly impact the social and economic diversity of the school. This same diversity is what makes Bayshore unique and provides a wonderful environment for our students. As tuition increases, middle-income families are greatly impacted. Lower income families will qualify for financial aid, more affluent families will have less of an impact by tuition increases. For this reason, we count on your donations and support.

Every donation is important and will impact a student at Bayshore Christian School; no amount is too large or too small.

Interested families submit an application for financial assistance through FACTS Grant & Aid. FACTS representatives use the information provided to determine each family's level of need. This information, along with a letter from the family that explains their family's unique needs, is used to make a determination by an anonymous financial aid team.

Every student benefits from the financial gifts BCS receives. If you wish to designate, please consider the following opportunities:

     ♦  Annual Fund
     ♦  Financial Aid Awards
     ♦  Athletic Department
     ♦  Fine Art Department
     ♦  Annual Spring Gala
     ♦  Gifts in Kind

The following gift clubs will be acknowledged each year in the Head Master’s Annual Report, “Honor Roll of Donors.” Each summer, we invite contributors to the Head Master’s Club and above (donors over $1,500) to the new annual Head Master’s Chapel and Thank You Brunch in recognition of their leadership and generosity.

   ►  Faith Warrior Society, $100,000 or more
   ►  Platinum Society, $50,000 -- $99,999
   ►  Gold Society, $25,000 -- $49,999
   ►  Maroon Society, $10,000 -- $24,999
   ►  Founder’s Club, $5,000 -- $9,999
   ►  Scholars Club, $2,500 -- $4,999
   ►  Head Master’s Club, $1,500 -- $2,499
   ►  Leaders Club, $500 -- $1,499
   ►  Donors Circle, $100 -- $499
   ►  We Are Bayshore, gifts up to $99

THE Annual Fund

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