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Why Do Parents Send Their Child to Private School?

April 17, 2024
By Bayshore Christian School

Private Christian school in Tampa FL

There are many different reasons why parents send their children to private school. Sometimes it’s because they had a good private school experience themselves, or they had a bad public school experience. However, what we have found is that most parents looking for private schools in Tampa FL want their children to have a private education because of the opportunity for a more personalized education. For private Christian schools specifically, parents tend to be looking for a good foundation for their child and a place that teaches with their family’s beliefs and values in mind. 

A personalized education

Many parents send their children to private schools because they offer a more personalized education. With a smaller teacher to student ratio, teachers have the opportunity to get to know their students on a more personal level. Additionally, students are able to make stronger connections with their peers because they are typically in the same class with them for years. There are also fewer students, so they are able to get to know more of their classmates on a deeper level. 

Building a foundation

Parents who send their children to private Christian schools in Tampa, FL typically do so because they want their child to build a foundation for their faith during their school years. Unlike in public schools, religion can be taught and integrated into the curriculum at Christian private schools. Therefore, a parent may send their child to these schools so that they can learn about God while receiving an education. 

Many parents think that after middle school, sending their child to a public school rather than a private school for high school would be the best for their child. They believe that they have built their foundation in their faith and are ready to go out into the “real world.” However, we believe that students should continue to receive a private Christian education until they graduate from high school. Middle school and high school are when children start to make decisions for themselves. By keeping them in private school, they are given an environment that encourages living by how God calls us to live, which may help them make better decisions during this malleable time in their life. 

Additional benefits

In addition to a personalized education, private schools in Tampa FL offer many things that public schools don’t have available. Some of these things include:

  • Teaching spelling. Public schools no longer include spelling in their curriculum. Many schools don’t even allow teachers to teach it. However, spelling is still taught in most private schools. 
  • Teaching cursive. Similarly to spelling, public schools no longer teach cursive. Many private schools still do!
  • Chapel. Many private schools, specifically Christian private schools, hold Chapel during the week. This gives students the opportunity to worship and hear a message from the Bible while in school. 
  • Service hours. Although many clubs in public schools require service hours from students, the schools in general do not. Most private schools do, however. At Bayshore Christian School, a certain number of service hours are required for middle school and high school students. This teaches children the importance of serving their community and how to do so effectively!

Christian schools in Tampa FL

Are you looking for a private Christian school in Tampa FL for your child? We may be the school for you. We offer classes for students pre-K through 12th grade. 

Contact us, today, if you have any questions about our school or curriculum!