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Is Private School Better Than Public School?

January 03, 2024
By Bayshore Christian School


The simple answer is yes, private school is better than public school. Why is this? Overall, receiving an education at a private school leads to a better outcome for students compared to education from a public school.

Generally, private schools have more resources for students, have smaller class sizes, and focus heavily on incorporating life skills into their curriculum. From preschools in Tampa FL to South Tampa middle schools, we believe that choosing to enroll in a private school is the best option for your child.

Better preparation for life beyond grade school

Private schools better prepare children for college and adulthood. Unlike public schools, most private schools heavily focus on life skills teaching. Some of the things that they offer that most public schools do not are:

Character education: Grade school is one of the primary environments that nurtures a student’s character development. Most private schools make an effort to provide character education to teach students about good morals and core ethical values. This is especially true of private Christian schools in Tampa.

More focus on the Arts and PE: Though some public schools have PE and art classes, they do not take on as great of an importance as they do in private school. 

Other benefits of private schools

Besides a better preparation for life after high school, there are other benefits to receiving an education from a private school. 

Teachers have more autonomy over what they teach, when they teach it and how they teach it. Teachers can more easily control the pace at which the curriculum is taught and have the ability to alter the lessons if they feel it would be better for the students. On the contrary, public school educators typically have to follow a strict schedule to meet specific deadlines throughout the school year.

Class sizes are smaller. The average graduating class size for public schools is significantly larger than the average graduating class size for private schools. Smaller class sizes lead to more intimate relationships with peers. It also allows for students to be better known by their teachers, which personalizes their education. 

The service is better. It is easier to reach faculty and staff at private schools to resolve any issues that may occur. This is partially because the staff are responsible for fewer students in private schools compared to public schools. 

A personalized education

Private schools provide students with an education and experience that is altered to fit their needs. Because private school student populations are smaller, they have the resources to work with each student on a more personal level and assist them in ways that will better their learning experience.

Additionally, private schools are generally more focused on the success of each student rather than just making sure the curriculum is being taught on schedule. They are accommodating to ensure that the students are successful and truly learning, rather than just passing their classes. These factors are especially important if you are looking for South Tampa middle schools and high schools. 

Private Christian schools in Tampa FL

Bayshore Christian School is a private Christian school in Tampa that has been providing preschool through high school education since 1971. If you are looking for a private school for your child, we would love to discuss our programs with you!

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