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Do Private Schools Get Better Results?

May 15, 2024
By Bayshore Christian School

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Yes, private schools do get better results. At Bayshore schools, when we think of results, we think of the end game. If a student is able to graduate, is prepared to go to the college of their choice, and has developed strong relationships along the way, we consider their time at our school successful. Additionally, we also define success based on if students are able to leave high school with a strong base for their faith in God that will help them navigate college and beyond. We have found that private schools are more successful in these areas than public schools.

Graduation and college preparation


Many private schools, specifically high schools, are college preparatory schools. This means that the school is focused on making sure that their students are academically prepared to apply for and attend the college of their choice. These private schools often offer more rigorous classes than public schools, as well as give students the opportunity to receive college credit through AP and Dual Enrollment courses.

These elements, in a private education, increase the rate of graduation and college acceptance among students. At Bayshore schools, we have a 100% graduation rate and a 100% college acceptance rate. These high rates are typically of private schools because of their focus on the success of each student. Most public schools, if any, do not have these graduation and acceptance rates.


Character building


Private schools focus heavily on fostering student relationships and building good character from a young age. Character education is worked into the curriculum at private schools to help students develop good morals and core ethical values.

Additionally, because private schools are typically smaller than public schools, students have the opportunity to form strong relationships with their peers and teachers while receiving an education. If a child starts attending private school at an elementary age, they will likely be in classes with the same students until they graduate from that school. This is not an experience that public schools can provide because public school class sizes are a lot larger.


A foundation in their faith


Christian schools in Tampa FL also consider a student’s experience in their school as successful when they are able to leave the school with a strong foundation in the Christian faith that is rooted in the Bible. Christian private schools are able to teach Christianity in their lessons, which teachers are not able to do in public schools. Additionally, Christian private schools often have Chapel services a few times a week, as well as classes specifically for teaching from the Bible. All of these aspects help students grow in their faith and prepare them for adulthood.


Christian schools in Tampa FL


Bayshore Schools are Christian schools in Tampa FL that provide explementary education for students in grades pre-K through high school. We focus on college preparation, character-building and instilling a foundation for students to have a faith of their own. We may be the school for your child and your family!