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Summer Resources for BCS Families

Summer Assignments

Lower Division Resources (Kindergarten - Grade 5)

Summer Reading
Summer Reading Forms
Summer Math

Middle Division Resources (Grades 6 - 8)

Math for Incoming 6th Grade
Math for Incoming 7th Grade
Math for Incoming 8th Grade
Summer Reading

Upper Division Resources (Grades 9 - 12)

Summer Reading
AP World History Summer Reading

SUPPLIES for 2020-2021

Supplies for this year may be different from years past, in that students will not be using communal or shared supplies. 
Middle Division Supplies - 6, 7, 8 - updated July 22, 2020
New Family Resources

We are excited to welcome so many new families to the Faith Warrior community this fall! Check out the resources below for information that will help make the transition to BCS a smooth one for your family.

Before and After School for K2 through 6th Grade students (BSC and ASC enrollment forms will be added during the summer)

Lunch Options (All Grades)

School Uniforms (All Grades)

Student/Parent Handbooks (All Grades)

Re-Entry Plan for 2020-2021 (Updated July 17, 2020) 

COVID Carline Expectations

Virtual New Family Orientation