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Bayshore Christian Visual Arts

Bayshore Christian School students are provided with the opportunity to creatively express themselves through the medium of visual art. Realizing that our students are beings crafted in the image of a brilliant Creator, and paired with the understanding of the history of art, students develop, hone, and ultimately master their fine motor skills into visual works that bring glory to God. Our visual arts students have excelled in this area and have demonstrated a deep understanding of art, not only in theory but also in practice, well beyond their grade levels.

Lower Division Explorations in Art (Grades K–4)

Students from grades K5-4th grade come to the art room for age appropriate activities intended to stretch the creativity of each child. Many projects the students work on support the studies that are presently taking place in their classroom, extending the learning process. In the art room, we study the “elements of art” and “principles of design,” creating artworks reflecting these goals. Our art classes promote academic success through problem solving, building confidence, and enhancing creativity. Students are encouraged to develop their own artistic voice using a variety of materials such as oil pastels, paint, clay, and fibers providing a creative outlet that is both joyful and challenging. Many studio lessons share the art of cultures from around the world. Each grade level meets once a week for 45 minutes. 

Middle Division Explorations in Art (Grades 5–8)

Students in grades 5th-8th grade focus on the development of technical skill in a variety of media. They will have the background knowledge of “elements of art” and “principles of design" that will give them a strong foundation to learn new techniques and sharpen their skills while exploring artists and art history. They will also begin to learn vocabularies and concepts associated with various types of work in the visual arts. As they develop increasing fluency in visual, oral, and written communication, they will be able to critique and give feedback on their classmates' artwork. Middle division meets in the art room once a week for 45 minutes.

Upper Division Art Studies (Grades 9–12)

Students grades 9th-12th grade may add visual arts classes to their elective course schedule each semester (Art I-IV). Visual arts students may pursue a wide range of artistic disciplines including studio art, ceramics, photography, and digital art. They may study a particular medium in depth or sample several from a broad offering of courses. While we stress a strong technical foundation, we place equal emphasis on creative self-expression and developing the artist’s unique voice. Advanced studies include a strong emphasis on critical and creative thinking as well as portfolio preparation.

This Month in the Art Room

There is a lot happening in visual art! Here are some photos of our students learning about the many mediums and techniques in the art world.

The upper division has started this new year off strong. I am so proud of them. They have been learning about and creating tessellation. One point perspective, mixed medium (all 4 squares had to be a different medium and blend well together), and an abstract animal, with the focal point being the animal’s eyes.

Middle division and lower division have been creating art work in the style of artists like Jim Dine and Hokusai.