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Upper Division - High School 9–12

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Welcome to Bayshore Christian School Upper School, home to our middle and high school students. We endeavor to develop a student with a foundation that is multi-faceted in its value, yet strategic in its focus. Our faculty and staff invest in the lives of those who walk on this campus each day and empower them to succeed.

High School

High school students at Bayshore Christian School find a standard that is challenging academically and spiritually. Students enhance core subject studies with our wide array of advanced placement and dual enrollment courses. We also offer a large selection of elective courses to serve the interest of our diverse student body. High school elective categories include advanced computer applications and technology, foreign language, journalism, visual and performing arts, yearbook, and more. For a complete listing of high school courses offered, please see the high school course description guide.

As a Christian ministry, we require high school students to accumulate a minimum of 80 hours of service through a non-profit group. We also afford students the opportunity to participate in international missions work each year.

Advancement Requirements

We require all high school students to meet these minimum requirements for advancement:

9th to 10th

6 Credits
-1 English OR
-1 Math AND
-1 Bible

10th to 11th

12 Credits
-1 Science
-1 Social Studies AND
-3 English and/or Math AND
-2 Bible

11th to 12th

18 Credits
-10 in English,
Math, Science, Social Studies AND
-2 Bible credits


24 Credits
ALL required courses for graduation.

Graduation Requirements

We require every graduate to:

  • earn a minimum of 24 credits, including all course work required for graduation;
  • attain an unweighted GPA of at least 2.0;
  • demonstrate mastery of exit performance standards for Algebra I or higher;
  • clear all debts to the school;
  • take one online course as required by the state of Florida.

Current graduation requirements:

4 credits
Major concentration in composition, reading for information and literature.
4 credits
Mathematics 4 credits One credit must be Algebra I or its equivalent and one credit must be Geometry or its equivalent.
4 credits
Two credits must have a laboratory component and one credit must be Biology I or an equivalent course.
Social Studies
1 credit
World History
Social Studies
1 credit
American History
Social Studies
.5 credit
United States Government
Social Studies
.5 credit
Foreign Language
2 years
Must be the same language and must be taken in consecutive years.
Fine Arts, Performing Arts, Speech
1 credit
Any of these categories.
Physical Education
.5 credit
Physical Education
.5 credit
PE requirement is met with two seasons of a high school sport.
5.0 credits
24 credits