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When you have a student body, faculty, community, and supporters as incredible as we do, there is always something newsworthy happening. Check in often to get the scoop on all the important events and to share in our bragging rights.

Meet the Graduate: Caroline Kratz

Please join us in learning more about Caroline in this article written by Riley Johnson, Office of Advancement student assistant.

We are pleased to present another outstanding BCS graduate, Ms. Caroline Kratz. Caroline has been a faith warrior since the ninth grade. She has been involved in all aspects of the school, including National Honor Society, varsity bowling team, photography club, three mission trips, and the most recent BCS Broadway production of Into the Woods. Caroline loved being a part of the production and notes, "I wish I would have been involved with performing arts sooner; it was so much fun!"

Caroline plans to attend St. Leo University and major in English. She dreams of pursuing a career as an author and has shown a talent for writing here at BCS. English classes have been her favorite, and she is excited to see how college studies will further her writing skills. Caroline's favorite memories at BCS have been spending time with her classmates, performing in the musical, and serving on mission trips. Caroline has loved her time at BCS and could not be more thankful for her friends and teachers that have helped push her to be the best she can be. Who knows? Perhaps one day the English curriculum will include Caroline's latest novel!

Congratulations, Caroline; we are so proud of you!

Meet the Graduate: DJ Faison

We continue this series brought to you by Riley Johnson, BCS senior and Office of Advancement student assistant.

Our latest graduate in this series is Darrell "DJ" Faison the second. DJ has been a beloved Faith Warrior for nine years. He has been involved in virtually every honor society on campus due to his stellar academic record. DJ has been a dual enrollment, honors, and AP student for the past two years, and excelled in this rigorous academic schedule. Not only has DJ succeeded academically, but he excels in the visual arts as well. Fellow BCS students know DJ as an extremely talented artist, as he displays his talents throughout campus.

DJ's future awaits him nearby at the University of Tampa. Before starting college this fall, DJ will travel to Japan to immerse himself in the culture and further develop his artistic gifts. DJ says his favorite memories during his nine years at BCS have been, "all of them." He says he will miss BCS, but is excited to see what steps God has planned for his life. 

DJ has touched the lives of many students and faculty members at BCS, and they have done the same for him. We will miss this phenomenal character at Bayshore, and we can't wait to see all that he does with his talents and abilities. Congratulations, DJ! We are so proud of you!

BCS Junior Named to All-State Basketball Team

We would like to congratulate our BCS junior, Alexandrya Myers! The Florida Association of Basketball Coaches named Alexandrya to the 2A All-State Girls Basketball Team. Drya has been a student at Bayshore since preschool and a member of the girls varsity basketball team since 6th grade. Recently inducted to our hall of fame, Drya is the third female BCS basketball player to score 1,000 points, an incredible achievement during her junior year!

We are so proud of Drya and look forward to watching her bright future unfold. Congratulations to Drya, BCS Varsity Girls Basketball Coach Shekina Denny, and the Myers family.

2018 Camp Bayshore

We are currently registering for our 2018 Camp Bayshore! Please visit our Camp Bayshore page for more information or to register. We look forward to seeing you this summer!