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We believe the value of athletic competition complements the mission of BCS. Participation in athletics provides students with an opportunity to grow in the manifestation of Godly character as they face and conquer challenges faced within the team and amongst the competition.

We challenge each individual team member, from the starter to the team manager. Our student athletes experience growth as they strive to master the Christ-like traits of selflessness, diligence, self-control, patience, courage, perseverance, humility, and submission. These experiences translate directly to real life during, and after, these formative school years.

Our Philosophy

Participation in our athletics program is a privilege. Student athletes are role models, whether they choose that position or not. As ambassadors of Christ, we hold our student athletes to a higher standard with greater expectations.

We are pleased to offer BCS students a variety of competitive sports to participate in throughout the school year. We desire all students interested in participating in our sports program the opportunity to play on a team. We expect our student athletes to rise to a higher standard. We encourage all parents and participants to become knowledgeable about the mission and philosophy of your sport.

Athletics Accomplishments

Boys Baseball
Girls Basketball
Boys Basketball

Contact Info

Any good coach will tell you that one of the keys to success on the athletics field is a solid game plan. God's game plan, His Word, is as good as you can get!

Broderick Day
Athletic Director, Varsity Boys Basketball Coach
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Shekina Denny
Physical Education, Varsity Girls Basketball Coach
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Melanie Humenansky
Volleyball Coach
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Nicole Kemp
Cheer Squad Coach
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Lane McLaughlin
Varsity Football Coach
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Cedric Walker
Baseball Coach
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