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Blog Post #7 - By 11th Grader Riley Johnson

Being as small as we are, we reuse and recycle our athletes as much as possible. A majority of football players also play basketball and baseball, while our volleyball girls stay active by participating in cheerleading and flag football. These are a few of many sports that Bayshore athletes contribute to. 

I am one of the athletes that, like many, stay busy from July until May. This is difficult because while I get excited to start the new season, it's upsetting to see the previous season ending. That's one of the only things I don't like about playing all year, but it's cool to develop into a well-rounded athlete with my teammates. During the school year, I am in the best shape because I stay busy, and while most people are concerned with staying in good shape for the summer, I am not. 

During the summer, I turn into a potato. From binge-watching pretty much any show produced by Shonda Rhimes, to eating anything in sight, I don't pay too much attention to my health. Everybody has a cheat day, but mine tends to last all summer. This is great and all until I get a text in June from Coach Mel (aka Mrs. Humenansky) saying that volleyball camp and workouts are starting soon.... uh oh. All those hours of laying in bed watching Grey's Anatomy and stopping by Moe's at least once a week will have to cease. This is a sad time because Moe's is my main food group, and watching five seasons in a week is my main talent. 

When I show up to the first workout, I think to myself that it won't be that bad, but little do I know that Coach Day planned to work on arms and chest on the first day... how rude. That isn't as bad as cardio though, because those days are just sad. But even though sometimes I feel like my legs are about to fall off, and I can't really breathe, I still love being a year-round athlete.