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Blog Post #6 - By 11th Grader Becky Kratz

Listen, I understand there is not much of a winter in Florida, but the temperatures do occasionally dip into the low 70s, which is practically subzero. Waking up and forcing yourself out of your bed on these frigid mornings is not even the worst part. No, the worst part is being forced to actually concentrate in class even though you find yourself shivering profusely because Bayshore has a rather...unstable air conditioning system. This doesn't just apply to Bayshore though. It is actually a major issue in many schools. 

Do not fret; I have a solution. Well okay, I have two solutions actually; one is just a bit more realistic than the other I suppose. 

Simply wear five or more layers of your own clothes under your uniform (yes, five being the minimum)! I don't mean just thin t-shirts. I’m talking about sweaters upon jackets, and sweatshirts, and more jackets. That way, you're cozy all day, and you get the added bonus of expressing your personality through your clothing - well, sort of. The only disadvantage is I would not recommend going outside since you might melt under the sweltering Florida sun. 

The other solution to this dilemma is just to simply not come to school; though I would not recommend attempting this specific hack unless you're a seasoned me. 

Stay tuned for more hacks you can try at a school near you.