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Blog Post #5 - By 11th Grade Student Allison Humenansky

In 1961, the world's first triple threat came out on the big screen. But in 2017, Bayshore Christian School will attempt to sing, dance, and act to bring you the best performance of West Side Story

Last year, both middle schoolers and high schoolers came together and tried to act out High School Musical. Was it the best performance of High School Musical? No. But did it spark a flame for acting in some of the students? Yes. As someone who participates in theater, I know first-hand that it's a lot of work! Yelling, crying, and laughing happens a lot over the course of five months. 

One other thing that happens during these performances is tripping and falling. Last year, while we were in the middle of a dress rehearsal, the lights went off, and we all had to run to change the set on the stage. While all the lights were off, I was trying to get off the black stage, onto the black stairs, and into the corner that was also black. In an attempt to get off the stage, I completely missed the steps and fell about four feet onto the hard gym floor. Oh, did I mention that I was wearing heels? 

Despite the troubles and hard work that has to be put in, we have accepted the challenge, and we will be acting out a classic Broadway production. The Jets and the Sharks will battle it out live on stage; it's a show you won't want to miss. Not to mention, the dramatic love story between Maria and Tony mirrors Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. The practice begins soon, and you will want to get your tickets for this once in a lifetime show.