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Blog Post #4 - By 11th Grade Student Thomas Lake

The national championship of college football was in Tampa, and Tampa was in frenzy. 

Downtown had a huge stage with giant gold footballs celebrating the game. There were artists who came into town to perform at this newly made stage. Friday through Sunday, concerts went on from noon to 10:00 p.m. I went to see Usher on Sunday night, and I waited to get through security for two hours. So, there I stood on the side of Tampa Street with 40,000 other people all waiting to get in. Not to mention it was 40 degrees, which is pretty cold for this Floridian. But, Usher was great, and I had lots of fun. 

Along with the concerts the convention center had become a huge fan fest, with opportunities to meet players, coaches, live performances from the teams’ bands, and many activities. Tampa was crazier and more crowded than it’s been since the Super Bowl was here. The airports were going to be packed with people flying in, traffic was awful, and there was no parking anywhere. What a great time to live in Tampa. 

I was as excited as can be though, because I went to the game and saw a great game. Even though I'm an Alabama fan, the experience was priceless, and it was a game that will go down in history as one of the best there ever was. I will still say Roll Tide! Also, you know this game was definitely a big deal because Coach Day let me skip a basketball game for it. I didn't tell you that