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Blog Entry #2 - By 10th Grade Student Emmaleigh Tucker

The latest blog entry comes from Ms. Emmaleigh Tucker, a 10th grade student. Emmaleigh began at Bayshore in the eighth grade and is a wonderful young woman. She embodies the portrait of a future BCS graduate:  a true Scholar, Leader, and Faith Warrior! Emily speaks about BCS as an entity to itself…here’s what Emmaleigh has to say about the impact BCS has made in her life:

Bayshore is special in many ways, to both its students and the community. Bayshore loves every one of its students. We are all one family through Bayshore Christian School. Whether we have been here straight out of the womb, or just for a little while, Bayshore loves each of us in our own individual way.

The people at Bayshore have always cared about how I am doing, both academically and spiritually. This school has impacted me a lot spiritually. I am part of a family within BCS known as the volleyball team. The other athletes there are like my sisters and we love each other. At BCS, students are a family in our graduating class, then a family as a high school, then a family as an entire school, and above all a family as brothers and sisters in Christ. We all look out for each other.

Everyone here has grown up together through Bayshore. Even the newer students feel part of the family. I feel as if I have been adopted! I have been pushed above and beyond what I sometimes think I can be, but I am being guided to be the person I want to become. I am grateful for everything this school has done for me.

Bayshore Christian School molds us and leaves its mark on students for when we go out into the world. It’s a family who takes you in and who we will remember forever. When I am away from Bayshore, I miss it. I will be like the many students who have graduated and come back to BCS to help impact the younger generation through teaching, tutoring, and mentoring.