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Blog Post #1 - By Melanie Humenansky, Head of School

Welcome to Bayshore Blogs…a blog of student musings, accomplishments, and dreams. It is a privilege to be the head of school here, and I look forward to sharing the heart of our students and our school.  

The saying “home is where the heart is” may be a cliché, but at BCS this saying tells our story. Some say Bayshore Christian School is the best-kept secret in South Tampa, but when one takes the time to listen, there is a heartbeat that tells a story of Christ’s love, mission, connection, and academic preparation for success. All of this on a beautiful ten-acre piece of property nestled in the heart of Bayshore Beautiful.

The heartbeat of BCS started in 1971, to serve as a ministry in South Tampa. Almost fifty years later, the ministry of BCS reaches students from the ages of two years to our seniors in high school. The mission reaches the ends of the earth through domestic and international mission trips each year. In fact, when talking to someone in the greater Tampa Bay area, you’re never more than a person or two away from someone whose life was transformed by the caring faculty and staff of Bayshore Christian School.

With graduates who received acceptance and attended outstanding universities across the country, the students at BCS are not only prepared with a Christian worldview, but also prepared to meet the challenges presented by their chosen university.  

A teacher who stops and prays for a student…unheard of today, right? Not at BCS. Our faculty and staff pray with, and for, our students on a daily basis. A week of Service, Enrichment, and Travel taking curriculum beyond the walls of the classroom…what better way to put words to action. BCS students serve the needs of their local community and beyond.

The heartbeat of BCS never ceases to expect a miracle. Bayshore Christian School has expanded its athletic department to include a winning high school football program. The performing arts department presented three Broadway productions in just twelve months. One might ask, “How can a small school meet the needs of all students in today’s society?” The answer is simple...give youth the opportunities they need to thrive. Students at BCS have multiple opportunities to grow and excel as SCHOLARS with AP and dual enrollment courses, as LEADERS through student government, clubs, arts, and athletics, and as FAITH WARRIORS; warriors who learn and live the Word of God on a daily basis.  

I personally invite you to come listen. Come feel the heartbeat of Bayshore Christian School. We are no longer a secret. Our heart beats loud and clear. Come HOME to Bayshore Christian School.