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When you have a student body, faculty, community, and supporters as incredible as we do, there is always something newsworthy happening. Check in often to get the scoop on all the important events and to share in our bragging rights.

Meet the Faculty: Ms. Karen Levine, Second Grade

Here's the latest installment from this series by Riley Johnson, BCS senior and office of advancement TA.

Ms. Karen Levine, who is entering her second year as BCS second-grade teacher, is inspiring her students in so many ways. Her education background includes a bachelor's degree from her home state of Michigan State University, followed by working as a teacher for her alma mater at an inner-city school in Michigan. After moving to Florida, Ms. Levine taught first, second, and third grades at an elementary school for nine years. Ms. Levine herself has two teenage children, whom she loves dearly. She stated, "God brought me back to teaching, which is my first love, after 15 years of being out of the classroom, ten of which were at my church." Ms. Levine's favorite part of being a teacher is the privilege of having parents trust her to leave a spiritual and educational influence on their children. She looks forward to this every day because what she does has so much meaning.

BCS Expands Student Chromebook Program

There is a new feature in our elementary curriculum this year, and our third and fourth grade students are beyond excited! While these students used Chromebooks in the classroom last year, this year they each have their own device to take home. The students and teachers are thrilled with the ease of using one common device for accessing online text books and school work. Reid Walser, BCS fourth grader, stated, "You get to do cool stuff, like learning games, and [the devices] are small so you can take them places easily and carefully." 

All BCS elementary students are enjoying this year's new math curriculum that incorporates an online site with interactive lessons that talk and teach with the students. In addition to math, students also have access to their reading and spelling vocabulary via their Chromebooks. The benefits of having their own school-issued personal electronic device include easier navigation, increased classroom learning, and lack of issues with certain online browsers. Asada McLaughlin, BCS third grader, noted, "I like my Chromebook because it's easier to do my school work and play learning games. Decorating it was fun, too, because I can use stickers from my favorite sport, soccer." 

BCS may be the only school in this area to have a computer technology program as comprehensive across grade levels. Now students in third through twelfth grades have their own personal Chromebook, loaded with online textbooks, a private BCS student email account, and BCS student management portal.

Thank you to Riley Johnson, BCS senior and Office of Advancement TA, for writing this article.

The Lion King Jr. Tickets on Sale Now

Disney The Lion King Jr.The BCS performing arts department, featuring students in second through sixth grades, will present The Lion King Jr. under the direction of Mr. Fernando Valdivia. The performances will be at BCS on Friday, November 3 at 7:00 p.m. and Saturday, November 4 at 7:00 p.m. Tickets are on sale now in the online BCS shopping cart and are just $5.00 each.

We look forward to bringing Broadway back to Bayshore for another great production!