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When you have a student body, faculty, community, and supporters as incredible as we do, there is always something newsworthy happening. Check in often to get the scoop on all the important events and to share in our bragging rights.

BCS Preschool Wins Most Loved Preschool Award

Parents voted, and Hulafrog has named Bayshore Christian School the most loved preschool in South Tampa! Congratulations to our awesome preschool department, led by Mrs. Angie Bailey. We love our preschool families and appreciate their votes of confidence in our program! If you are looking for a nurturing, academic, and Christian preschool program for you two through four year old, please contact us today to learn more about what BCS can do for your family. 

Moms in Prayer Unite

Please join fellow BCS moms in a time of prayer each Thursday morning at 8:00 a.m. in the sanctuary. This is a great opportunity to meet the moms of your BCS family and unite in a time of prayer over our school and students. There is a special prayer request jar in the school office where you may leave any prayer needs you may have. Our moms will pray for each request during their Thursday morning meeting and throughout the week. The power of prayer is real and alive on BCS campus! We hope to see you there!

2017 BCS Distinguished Alumni Award Given to Scott Humenansky, BCS Class of 1988

Bayshore Christian School has a wonderful group of alumni who continue to support their alma mater long after graduation. Each year during the alumni basketball game half-time, we honor a special alumni who has made an outstanding impact on BCS. This year’s award went to Scott Humenansky, BCS class of 1988.

While at BCS, Scott was very active on campus. He played soccer and basketball, was active in student government, and was voted “best all-around and most witty.” After graduating, Scott joined MJM Electric and earned a technical degree from ITT. He has been with MJM Electric since 1988 and is currently a Project Manager. His first priority is and always has been his family. He is married to our current head of school, Melanie Humenansky (class of 1990). Scott and Melanie have two children, Jordan (class of 2016) and Ali (class of 2018).    

Scott has been a constant presence on campus since graduation. He serves wherever and whenever needed and always with a funny joke or story to tell and a smile on his face. He has a deep love for BCS. He never hesitates to take time out of his days, nights, or weekends to help make our school a better place for its students and staff. He uses his professional connections and expertise to serve BCS. The list of things he has done and continues to do for BCS is honestly too large and diverse to even attempt to describe.

More important than Scott’s good works is his heart. He truly has a heart for BCS. He supports this school both on and off campus. He is a constant source of marketing for the school. He speaks highly of staff, students, and the mission of the school, and he is aware that everywhere he goes there is an opportunity to sell Bayshore Christian School.  

Scott exemplifies our school motto: “We Are Bayshore:  Scholars, Leaders, Faith Warriors.” He works quietly, diligently, and with the purpose to honor his family and glorify God in all that he does and all that he is. He has a quiet strength and purpose about him, never seeking attention or appreciation in return for his constant gifts of service to our school.  

Congratulations to Mr. Scott Humenansky, 2017 BCS Distinguished Alumni Award recipient!